Lactopast Biomedix

We have researched and developed a fast qualitative test of milk pasteurization with no need of any instrumental or incubational means with the name LACTOPAST BIOMEDIX. It is a rapid phosphatase test for the detection of alcaline phosphatase in milk, whey, cream and butter. The test allows the testing of sufficient HTST treatment of milk and related products, and the detection of raw milk in pasteurized milk. Sensitivity of the test is as follows:

1. For measurement from 5 seconds up to 300 seconds: sensitivity certainty - 280 mU/L ALP, sensitivity probability - 3.5 mU/L ALP

2. For measurements from 15 minutes up to 60 minutes: sensitivity certainty - 3.5 mU/L ALP

The kit with code 82001 is for 100 tests



History and  the vast improvement of phosphatase detection in pasteurized milk introduced by LACTOPAST BIOMEDIX


Historical references on Milk Pasteurization Process.pdf (85853)


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Lactopast Biomedix

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